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Chief S.O. Alonge photographic collection, 1926-1970s
Vintage Nigeria

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Ada’s Lagos


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Strolling, Ep 7 - Cecile Emeke 

A brand new episode of the short documentary series, featuring Abraham. We talked male feminists, patriarchy, crying, “great” britain, reparations for Africa, Palestine, Boko Haram, hair & more. 

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africankinky asked: How do I convince my Nigerian parents to let me get a nose piercing , I'm a 16 year old girl and it have wanted one ever since I was 13. My mom said I could only get one if my dad said it was okay, but my dad thinks it makes people look like an ashawo. So what do I do ?

Hello ! Firstly there is no way they will agree to you getting it done :p secondly I would not recommend you getting it done either you will probably regret it in the end when you want to get into a formal career and realise that it’s not a good look to have as a lawyer banker doctor and many more . Listen to your parents they know best :)


By Life magazine photographer Eliot Elisofon:

  • Twins Seven-Seven and jazz band in 1971, Oshogbo, Nigeria.
  • Fon appliqué workers in 1971, Abomey, Republic of Benin.
  • Weaving a traditional Mangbetu hairstyle in 1970, Medje village, Congo.
  • Nupe bead makers around glass-making furnace in 1959, Bida, Nigeria.
  • Hausa girls, at Zaranda market in 1959, East of Jos, Nigeria.
  • Irigwe dancers in 1959, Miangovillage, Jos Plateau, Nigeria.
  • Workers at Ekulu coal mine in 1959, near Enugu, Nigeria.

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Anonymous asked: where can i order these

Hey sorry I don’t know what you want to order x